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RMA Service : Xebe Global Inc. guarantees all modules products manufactured and bear the "Xebe" labels with the conditions and limitations we listed in RMA Service. Xebe shall either repair or replace any part of its product(s) that prove defective due to faulty materials or workmanship.

The following RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) guidelines for Xebe products.

Steps of Product Return Duration of Warranty

RMA Form and Number
You must first obtain an RMA form (Form-A) and number from your sales representatives or Taiwan office RMA division and complete with the requested information before sending back any defective parts. This must be done through email (fax accepted only if no email service is available).

When Returning
Xebe will reply the RMA number and inform the customer where we would like to received the RMA good. The RMA form (Form-A ) must be attached to the returned goods with the RMA number written on BOTH the form and outside of package box. NO return products will be accepted without the above described. Besides, please also advice us the invoice amount of RMA shipment, when and how to send out the RMA defects to us. It is necessary to provide us the tracking number for tracing the RMA good.
Shipped products must be properly packaged to prevent damage during transit. After receiving defective parts, we are going to check the quantity and capacity immediately. We also will confirm how many pieces we received.
After repairing RMA goods, we will return the goods to the customers. For the RMA returned shipment, we will provide the tracking number to the customer for tracking purpose.
Shipping cost: Each party will pay for one way shipping charge. The party pays for shipping charge has the right to choose shipping company and forwarder.

RMA goods beyond warranty period
Xebe will repair a defective product even beyond warranty period, however, the customer will be charged for the cost of labor and replaced parts if the defective product was returned beyond the applicable warranty period.

Xebe warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Please note that if the product defect be caused by any of the following factors, Xebe is not responsible :
(1) Mishandling during shipment.
(2) Abuse, neglect, repair or modification by users.
(3) Damage or malfunction caused by natural disasters and man-made misfortunes, power failure or computer virus.
Xebe will not provide credit to customers for RMA good, but will provide replacement or repair within warranty period. For product purchased from Xebe customer or reseller, consumers shall contact the seller for replacement, repair or credit return.

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