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All for one,one for all
Xebe Global Inc. is a professional company in computer accessories field of "Research, Development and marketing". Product lines include USB Flash Memory, Mouse and other USB Multimedia products. We have our own Design and Develop team concentrating on the design and development of Xebe-branded products. On the other hand, Xebe also do the customization according to the needs of our customers and worldwide market. With mass component purchasing, product cost management, outstanding designing ability and systemized production flow control, we are able to provide our customers with the advantage of quality, price and lead time.

Our main market embraces Europe, U.S.A. and many other countries. With the rapid growth of the USB storage products, we are currently concentrating on the designing and developing of the USB 2.0 accessories and other storage devices. Heading the trend of the computer accessory market, not only to make valuable products to meet market's request but to make win win fortune with our customer is always our goal to achieved.

Research & Development
Xebe Research makes our product simpler to use -- customized to both the task and the user. To improvements in the easier interface and connectivity is the spirit we believe.

Xebe also provides our products for most of the large NB OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and supports large distributor channels with their own brand build-up services. We offer a range of USB products and services that satisfy current and next-generation product demands. Based on customer needs, our products are built-to-order, which minimizes the risk of stagnant inventory for Xebe and its customers.
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